The Making of FLD

We get a lot of emails asking how we implemented some of the cool features and functionality in our new tower defense game Frontline Defender 3D II for Android.
We hope this blog will answer some of those questions using resource that we found on the web.

A few things that were a must have in our game and required a bit of research where:
  •  3D Models ( Here is how we integrated models into our project)
    •  Picking (Setting a unique color for each object in our game)

    You can download the lite version of our game from the Android Market.
    The Lite version offers the training level to allow you to get comfortable with the controls and game play before you go on to purchase the full version.

    After you have mastered the lite version you can go on to purchase the full version and test your skills on a larger battlefield with deadlier foes requiring better strategies and quicker decision making.